Gemini Eye Centre is a private clinic specialised in laser eye surgery. Using the latest laser technology, the clinic offers vision correction surgery and treats cataract and retinal diseases. Five clinics are located in the Czech Republic: in Zlín, Prague, České Budějovice, Ostrava and Brno.

BCA created and implemented a six month media campaign for the grand opening of Gemini Eye Centre in Vienna and launched print, radio and web cross-media campaigns in Germany, Austria and Poland: from the planning stages to production, media booking and media controlling – everything from one source.

The aim of the campaign was on the one hand to draw attention to the opening of the eye clinic in Vienna and, on the other hand, to show that the dream of many people to live a life without glasses can become a reality while at the same time alleviating their fears of laser eye surgery.

The response rates measured by a call centre specifically engaged for this purpose underlined the extraordinary success of the campaign. Gemini gained a significant share of the market and, within just a few months, caught up with clinics already established in Austria.