Conceptence is BCA’s marketing and creative concepts brand.

While our focus is on IT at expectAd, Conceptence offers a broad range of services, thus delivering high performance to our customers and complementing the innovative and creative infrastructure at BCA. Conceptence offers such an abundance of services – from marketing, media booking and consulting to event management – that BCA and its unique combination of IT (expectAd) and marketing (Conceptence) is quite rightly considered to be a full service provider. To realize their projects, customers often need to resort to the skills of two or three different companies. If you award the contract to BCA, you will receive complete solutions from one single source.

Offering all services under one roof, fast decision-making processes and effective communication have become a natural part of our work at BCA. We deliver excellent services at fair prices. For more details on the services Conceptence offers, please see

Conceptence Services